Preparation of Examination – Genuine Concerns and Effective Tips

Preparation of Examination – Genuine Concerns and Effective Tips

Introduction – Nature and Definition

An empty answer sheet is on the writing desk. All the students are busy writing, except one. The idle student is worried, anxious, nervous and whatnot. He starts to gaze hither and thither to cheat, as nothing pops up in his mind to fill the paper with, but all in vain. Finally, the bell rings and a thunder hit him in the heart. Invigilator comes and snatches the paper from all. Eventually, the student fails miserably in his examinations.

Wikipedia, referring to Merriam-Webster, defines 全身檢查 examination as a test intended to measure the test takers’ knowledge, skill, aptitude, physical fitness, or classification in many other topics. Please note that this article mainly focuses on the examination system of SSC (Secondary School Certificate) and HSC (High School Certificate). Although it corresponds to the mentioned examination systems, pupils from primary grades or graduates of universities can also skim for desired tips.

Examinations have profound impacts on students, mentally and socially. It is a system in vogue which allows the academic management to evaluate the pupil’s capacity and purpose. Examinations give an opportunity to students to revise their past syllabus; such revision turns out to be handy in future at multiple occasions of life. Moreover, exams create a competition among peers, through which, each competitor works hard to gain enhanced knowledge and to improve his/her skills, efficiently. However, it is noteworthy that such benefits are realized by self-responsible learners, who study by heart, not through cramming. Also, good results by cheating during exams do not fulfill the real purpose of any evaluation exercise.

Academic Systems – Old and Modern

The prior academic systems were erected on the concept of social status, which supports the hierarchy structure of race, color, lineage, etc. Later on, intellectuals, as always, wishing to make progress, introduced a new academic system as the former one was becoming a hindrance to the development of human race. The latter system, also modern academic system, believes in marks and merits of the learner; rather than his/her status in society. Although the current system sounds better; nevertheless, there is a major disorder in it. Choosing pupils only on the basis of high marks means merely the endorsement of those who have previously achieved success, either by themselves or with the support of surroundings. But what about those who are creative and insightful in nature but need a helping hand/counseling to open their true color, that is to say, they are not properly supported. Ultimately, they are left behind and empty-handed. As they say, it should be both, taking in dregs as well as cream and giving away the finest material, rather than just taking in cream and leaving the others.

Good Domesticity and Company

On an occasion, I was attending a seminar of a Turkish Professor; he gave a decent example to elucidate the role of environment in shaping the character of a student. He claimed, pointing to a drinking glass, that let it be the persona of surroundings and water, itself, be the initial character of the student. Interestingly, once the water is poured into the glass, the former, without a loss in moment, takes the shape of the latter! Similarly, students/children adopt the behavior of the surroundings; which is often encircled by their teachers, parents, and other academic management. Therefore, becoming an excellent student is not only a cent percent struggle of the student himself, but environs influence the student as well, directly or indirectly. If domesticity and company play a dominant part in affecting a children’s personality, then preparation of examination is indeed a tiny aspect with respect to the two terms.

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