Dental Implants – Thousand Years Ago and Today

Dental Implants – Thousand Years Ago and Today

We have been living in the same way we used to thousands of years ago. At that time too we had similar answers to many questions and similar ways to do things that are prevalent today. The only thing which has changed since then is the method to do things. With the advent of time, we have learned how to utilise available resources in a much better way than before.

If we take the case of dental implants, the 18kt gold tooth gem  first signs of such a procedure can be related to the Mayan civilisation way back around 600 A.D. Back then they used tooth shaped shells to replace broken teeth while today dentists have graduated to a much more superior and sturdy titanium. Titanium showed the properties of bonding well with the human bones therefore it has been used in several medical procedures, including implants.

This restorative dental procedure is done to fill the gap left by a broken tooth. This artificial tooth is built and meant to perform like a natural tooth, providing the same amount of strength and long lasting abilities. Starting with taking out the roots of the decayed or broken tooth, the dentist would fix a titanium abutment to the bone, creating a firm base. Once the abutment is placed, the gums surrounding it are given time to heal and form a bond with the implant.

Meanwhile, a crown will be prepared after taking precise measurements of the surrounding teeth. The crown is prepared in such a way that it not only compliments and supports the neighbouring teeth but also looks natural. The material used to prepare crowns can vary according to the placement of the concerned tooth. While gold being stronger than porcelain and ceramic, it wouldn’t be an aesthetically correct choice for front teeth. Gold crowns are used in places where additional strength is required for chewing like in molars.

As soon as the healing process is over, the dentist would analyse the condition and proceed with placement of the crown. Crown is placed using strong resins and adhesives so that it develops a strong bond with the metal base. Although there is another method of lost tooth restoration called the Dental Bridge, but it is a lot more conservative in approach and needs the support of the surrounding teeth. Dental implants are independent and provide additional support to the surrounding teeth, instead of affecting their health. The long process and cost of this procedure may stop you from getting it done, but it is absolutely essential to get a broken tooth replaced, to restore the natural balance of mouth and an implant just might be an apt replacement for a natural tooth.

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