School Library Provision and Services in Sierra Leone

The reason for setting up Albert Academy School Library is to offer types of assistance for the two understudies and educators in a bid to satisfy one of its significant purposes, which is to help educational lam bang dai hoc objectives by offering types of assistance that are vitally connected to the satisfaction of this reason.

One of the chief administrations of the Albert Academy School library is to go about as back-up to the under resourced school program. Indeed, even progressed nations can only with significant effort stock materials going from (5,000) to (20,000) in a little space to give assistance to class programs. Subsequently, they see the requirement for focal supply of materials which can be acquired for contrasting time spans (loaning administration) and furthermore for perusing and conference administrations. This is done to increase the school educational plan at the Albert Academy which is comprehensive of the Basic Sciences and Technology, Social Sciences, Humanities and the Fine Arts.

Albert Academy School library likewise gives between library advance administrations demands. This is especially significant to senior understudies contemplating themes across subjects offered top to bottom. Students who can’t bear to buy or access such costly materials profit by this kind of library administration. Through between library advance administrations, materials are sourced from different schools libraries to help the two understudies and educators.

A reference administration is additionally given at Albert Academy School library. The School Librarians spend a sizeable extent of their time giving what in different libraries term would be named as reference administration. In giving a reference administration, school Librarians play out a comparative job to that of different bookkeepers. In a reference meet in school, every understudy is treated as significant as the other and given the Librarian’s complete consideration. This is accomplished by close to home help given to the students and educators in discovering explicit data whether immediate or circuitous. A portion of the reference materials at the Albert Academy School Library are word references, reference books, catalogs, yearbooks, life stories papers, guides and graphs, and the scholastic and managerial schedule of occasions or the activity of the school.

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