A metal wall art range of decorative art works can make a great addition to the home. Whether you are looking for a way to enhance the look of the walls or searching for an artistic metal wall art work, you have metal wall art to choose from. From rustic iron wall art to beautiful farmhouse wall art to cowboy decor, Open Range offers many options to complete the home. From cowboys and settlers to cattle drives and Indian themes, the Open Range metal wall art range is a one stop shop for any home or office decor.

The metal wall art range includes everything you could possibly imagine from metal wall sconces to decorative metal wall art to large scale murals and abstract metal wall art. The range also includes decorative wall tiles, cast iron wall decor, metal wall clock, wrought iron wall decor, metal wall art and wall decor in the form of metal wall shelves and book cases. Rustic iron wall decor has always been popular and now you can get wall art from this beautiful era. In addition, you have the option of choosing antique iron wall decor, which is another great choice for the rustic home. Iron wall decor comes in many forms from simple engraved ornate designs to hand made wall art pieces.

The metal wall art range has many wonderful pieces to choose from including some great gift ideas such as the rustic charm bracelets and the silver metal wall art pieces. These designs are sure to make a special statement to any room in the home or office. You can get charms for every room including the kitchen, bedrooms, living rooms, sun rooms, study rooms and bathrooms, as well as the stunning silver metal wall art pieces. With so many different pieces from the Open Range it is impossible to not be pleased. So whether you are looking for a gift, a unique piece for decoration or just want to buy something different for your home, you are sure to find something that catches your eye in the metal wall art range.

Metal Wall Art and Decorations

Metal Wall Art and Decorations are an excellent home decor enhancement for homeowners to add value to their homes. Metal Wall Art and Decorations are becoming an increasingly popular option in interior design for use in the bath, kitchen, family room, master bedroom and as an accent piece. Bathrooms are a room of necessity and often one of the smallest rooms in the home; yet, it is often the busiest room with a great deal of activity occurring in it. There is a wide variety of bathroom wall art and decorating accessories available to add interest, color and functionality to this often neglected space. The Branches Wall Art collection by Bathroom Wall Art is a very popular choice of bathroom wall art for consumers.

The Branches Wall Art collection by Bathroom Wall Art consists of eight unique pieces that are all inspired by nature. These whimsical, decorative pieces come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Each piece of this unique wall art and decor collection is made from natural materials such as acrylics, copper, brass, stainless steel, wood, enamel and granite. These pieces of artwork are perfect additions to any home or office setting. They are easy to hang on a wall and are perfect for any bathroom decor. The Branches Art and Decorations are suitable for both the bathroom and kitchen.

The Clapboard Brush Wall Art and Decorations are made from a rugged and durable metal that will withstand scrubbing and chipping. This unique item from Bathroom Wall Art and Decorations will make a fine addition to any home decor. These large bristle brushes are perfect for cleaning bathrooms and can be displayed on a shelf or hung on the wall. When selecting the Clapboard Brush Art and Decorations, you should select a brush that has large numbers on the bristles. This particular characteristic will allow you to paint in large letters and have clean lines to the art work.

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