Keep Identity Thieves Out of Your Purse

Keep Identity Thieves Out of Your Purse

Identity theft typically makes people think about your identity and personal details being stolen online via credit card purchases. That is not entirely the case. As a matter of fact, 75% or majority of the identity theft that took place identityiq $1 trial happens in the real or actual world. Shopping, bringing your garbage outside and having your purse or wallet stolen are just some of the real world situations where your identity can be stolen.

Whenever you are in a swarm of people, there is always the risk of your purse or wallet being stolen. Basically, everything is a simple theft. A person bumps into you in a crowded street and the next time you reach for your wallet, it’s no longer there. Or maybe you just put down your purse on the shelf to take a second look at something and the next time you reach for it, it’s nowhere in sight. Thieves abound in any instance and they will definitely take whatever chance that they can get to gain extra cash.

But the theft does not end with the cash being stolen. What typically happens is that the thief steals your wallet for a quick buck. He or she gets the cash you carry around in your precious purse and throws the rest of the contents. This simply implies that your personal information is then left laying around for anyone to pick up and stumble upon it. What’s worse is when the thief realizes the value of the contents of your wallet like your credit cards and other personally identifying information, so he takes the cash that he needs and sells the rest of the items to the highest bidder. Either way, you lose both the cash and your identity.

So to keep your purse, wallet and identity safe from identity theft, here’s what you can do:

1. Keep it close. If it’s a purse that you are carrying, make sure it has short straps so that it stays right under your arms. If you don’t have a purse that has a short strap, then you can swing your purse over your body but the bag part should stay in front of you. For obvious reasons, it is harder for a thief to carry your purse when it is in front than in the side or back.

2. Travel light. Wherever you go, in any occasion, make sure that you only bring the things that you need. You don’t have to carry your credit card, checkbook, social security card, and other personal information like birth certificates in your wallet or purse. Leave the other items at home whenever possible. The less stuff you carry the less likely will you create a big mess just because your wallet decided to go out of sight.

3. Create an inventory. Stop now and make a mental list of everything in your purse of wallet without looking. After you’re done, check the list again but this time double check it with your purse’s actual content.

It is important that we take care of our purse or wallets as they contain very valuable information about ourselves that can significantly determine our attractiveness to online theft. Keep them close and basic. It’s always the best thing to do.

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