Germany’s Fourth Reich Spreads Its Wings Over the World

Germany’s Fourth Reich Spreads Its Wings Over the World

Those who strongly disagree with the “European Union” forging ahead, the Euro-skeptics, state sovereignty is under attack and that the EU is going backwards, descending into the darkness of fascism, not advancing democratic ideals but sacrificing them with impunity.

Rodney Atkinson, author of three books Germany News  on the subject of Fascist Europe Rising (his most recent), led the charge, sounded the alarm, from a strictly secular point of view that interestingly matched what theologian Herbert W. Armstrong was warning about from a purely biblical perspective: the revival of the unholy Roman Empire is well underway and most remain oblivious to its inherent dangers.

Both the Bible and history serve as two witnesses that testify against the German-Jesuit dominated drive to control the European continent and then the world, enforcing a Pax Romana of sordid sorts.

Do you really think such a grand design would limit itself to Europa or restrain itself to remain a regional power? Truth is stranger than fiction.

Calls are increasing for the destruction of the European monster in the making, to abort the beast while it is still possible, due to legitimate concerns ranging from the fascist tendencies of the EU, its Nazi role model starkly laid out and exposed, and fears it will ultimately implode and impede Europe for years and drag the whole world down with it.

In Abolish The European Union, Robert Locke considers “The EU is a mortal threat to the civil liberties of those who live under it…. The EU is quite plausibly the nucleus of an aspiring soft-totalitarian world state; it is in fact far more likely to fulfill this role than the justly-despised UN. I apologize if this sounds alarmist, but history clearly teaches us to think ahead to the logical implications of things that are just beginning… there are signs that Europe is awakening to the monster in its midst.”

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