Ecards to Cell Phone Ecards

Ecards to Cell Phone Ecards

In the early days when Internet was not as popular as it is today, we greeted our friends and acquaintances happy birthday or wished our near and dear ones merry Christmas with greeting cards and felt the warmth and excitement on their faces. On those days we had to go to a greetings card outlet to get a suitable greeting card for our loved ones and needless to say that not always could we find the perfect card. Some cards looked good but did not convey the suitable message, on the other side some would convey heart felt messages but the designs would not be to our liking.

Days passed, technology improved, Internet and ecard generator  web got the popularity, and in the late 1990’s ecards started getting the attention and thereafter it began to flourish. Nowadays, when our busy schedule takes our minds off the birthdays and those special occasions when we would love to wish our near and dear ones, websites comes as a blessing. There are websites that sends you timely reminder of such special dates and with a few clicks of your mouse you can send some wonderful ecards to those special people in your life. There’s no need to deal with traffic, no need to keep work pending, simply get on to an ecard website, select an ecard of your choice and you can even customize it with your own sweet words before sending it to your beloved. These days ecards have become a part of our life. They not just help us add some warmth to our relationships but also help us by saving our time, money and effort. So popularity justified…………

Everybody would agree that nowadays we are helpless without Internet and its utilities. Computers and Internet has become a part and parcel of our day to day living. We can sit in front of a computer and we are able to communicate with the person sitting in some other part of the world, we can view and get live news around the world, we are transferring money through web, we are able to buy almost anything using internet, be it a property or grocery. Apart from computers and web there is one other device that has become a part and parcel of the modern day living and is extremely crucial for all of us to stay connected. Yes, you guessed it right! Cell Phones. Cell phones are the perfect way to keep in touch with family, friends, business associates. And it is so personal! Modern cell phones are capable of not only receiving and placing phone calls, but storing data, taking pictures. Most cell phones today are equipped with GPRS and WAP technology. Third generation applications are being used in the phones which are capable of providing fast data transmission rates. Now you might be wondering what brings me from ecards to cell phones? How do you think will it be if you could receive ecards directly on your cell phone? or send that special “love you” card directly to your sweetheart when she is miles away from you?

Yes, cell phone ecards are a reality today! It is one of the easiest ways to greet or wish your loved ones. All the time you won’t be able to carry a laptop and won’t be able to sit in front of your PC but a cell phone is always available with you.
So wherever you are, you can send an ecard directly to your loved ones, delivered to their mobile inbox. You will be able to choose greeting cards and customize it in the way you want, use your own text message with it and send it, its as simple as that.

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