Advantages of Steel Buildings

Advantages of Steel Buildings

Steel buildings have always been considered superior to traditional buildings. The ability to withstand high force winds, snow and rugged environmental conditions has prompted their use in tough environmental conditions. These were originally developed by the British army and later put to use by the American forces during the World War 2. These types of buildings were referred to as Quonset huts. The name comes from the site of first manufacture, Quonset point in Rhode Island.

During the war these buildings were used as 5.7  barracks, hospitals and even ammunition storage depots. Early metal buildings were made of galvanized steel on corrugated metal. Post war these buildings were sold off to general civilian population for $1000 each. To this day metal buildings are widely used as warehouses, outposts and even for residential purpose. In areas such as Alaska and the Polar Regions steel buildings are often used as homes. With proper thermal insulation, electrical wiring and interiors these buildings fulfill all the demands of an ordinary family. The popularity of metal buildings has grown exponentially in the coming years due to the several advantages that these buildings offer over traditional wood and concrete houses. Resistance to termites and insects, sturdiness, high load bearing capacity, easy assembly and flexible design options are just a few advantages of steel buildings over traditional buildings.

One of the biggest tests that steel buildings faced was during the hurricane Charley a category 4 hurricane that hit Florida in the year 2004. Most of the traditional buildings either were ripped apart or badly damaged. However most of the steel buildings stood strong and just a handful of them suffered minor damages. This had been possible to the inherent aerodynamic design of these steel buildings that allows the air to curve out and flow over its surface creating a downward force which helps in stabilizing the structure. The use of steel beams and anchored pillars also helped in reinforcing the building to the ground. An independent study carried out by the United States national hurricane center clearly states the effectiveness of metal buildings in dealing with such forces of nature.

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